We won’t let COVID-19 beat us

At the start of the year, the Squadron had a full and busy calendar of activities to look forward to through 2020. Unfortunately the impact of COVID-19 has prevented us from doing these activities though everyone on Squadron knows that this is the correct thing to do to protect each other and the NHS.

However, the Squadron crest bears our motto ‘Ad Augusta per angusta’, which translates from Latin to English as ‘Through difficulties to honours’ and so we remember this as we change the method of training delivery with the staff facing the difficulties in order to ensure the Cadets can be honoured with continued training.

Since social distancing was introduced and the lockdown a normal part of our lives, the Squadron has turned to technology so that it can deliver the syllabus and interesting activities thanks to Microsoft Teams.

Whilst many of us are spending our evenings connecting with families via Zoom and other video platforms, Air Cadets are now joining online parades in virtual meeting rooms after HQ RAFACs BADER Helpdesk and Volunteer Software Development Teams came together to roll the software package out as quickly as possible. But that hasn’t been it, after a national effort that continues, all the training material has been developed with online delivery in mind, and this is being received at 2120 Squadron from the Wing Training team each week.

The Squadron continues to operate through the HQ RAFAC pause in face-to-face training, and when we return we shall be having the biggest party ever.  Until then, we are working with other Squadrons to deliver joint training initiatives, we will be announcing the latest Squadron promotions on Friday 1st May and we are continuing our social media project launched on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter back in January, #cadettakeover. After a short break whilst we took stock of the challenge we faced for social distancing, we are thrilled it is back!

If you’re interested in becoming a Cadet or Instructor when the Squadron returns, please get in touch and have a look at our latest post about recruitment.