Returning to face-to-face training

Last updated Sunday 11th October 2020

The letter below was sent to all parents on Sunday 11th October 2020 regarding our return. Sensitive details and maps have been redacted; please see the emailed copy for these details.

The letter below was sent to all parents on Saturday 15th August 2020 regarding our return.

It has been a number of months since we last met face-to-face, and whilst we’ve made excellent use of the online tools made available by HQ RAFAC, it doesn’t quite beat our more traditional training methodology.

Before you return, the Squadron staff and Civilian Committee are doing everything they can to ensure that the HQ is ‘Covid-19 Secure’ and safe for a return. This process has been taking place for a number of months now, outlined by a HQ issued framework to follow, which has been adapted for our infrastructure.

On this page, you will find the latest updates specific to our Squadron and as we get closer to our return, will include a short introductory film.

Please scroll down for the latest updates and some ‘Covid-19 Secure’ FAQs. If you have any further questions, please send these by email

13 Aug 20

'Covid-19 Secure' Frequently Asked Questions

The Squadron will be subjected to a thorough and deep clean of all areas prior to re-habitation, and this will continue upon our return.

We will also be placing additional hygiene stations at the entrance and throughout the building. All Cadets and Staff will be reminded frequently to wash their hands/use hand gels and follow NHS advice to ‘Catch it/Bin it/Kill it’.

The staff will also be cleaning hot point areas continuously throughout the evening. These hot points are, for example, door handles, taps, toilet flush handles, etc.

Lastly, to support our hygiene measures we will be maintaining social distancing at 2m.

We have all become used to wearing these in shops and on public transport now, and yes all Cadets and Staff are now required to wear a face mask/covering when attending the Squadron unless medically exempt. For those medically exempt, parents/guardians are requested to ensure that Squadron staff are aware of the medical condition exempting their son/daughter/ward so that our personnel system is up-to-date; you can check the medical record by asking your son/daughter to login to Cadet Portal.

At this moment in time, the Squadron will not be providing disposable face masks / coverings.

Further information on face masks / covering is available on the UK Gov website.

Yes, initially all Cadets and Staff will be in bubbles of 13 cadets and two staff (or 1 staff and 1 staff cadet). This will involve a degree of re-flighting all the Cadets temporarily, but we hope to do this with the minimal amount of disruption possible. Even though we have bubbles, we will still be observing 2m social distancing.

On return the first thing that will be noticeable is that the car park will now be closed to all vehicles; to enable the Squadron to parade in the new bubbles we need to create additional classroom space that adheres to social distancing, and the car park will (for the time being) be designated as an outdoor classroom. For this to be done safely, there will be no vehicular access to it for drop off or pick up.

We will also be introducing a one-way system around the building and social distance markers on the floor.

The canteen will be closed until further notice, so Cadets and Staff must bring their own refreshments. We will be removing all bins as well, so Cadets and Staff must take home their rubbish at the end of the evening.

Please submit your questions by email to, or after 17 Aug, please use