Imperial War Museum Visit

Cadets from 2120 (Witney) Squadron were joined by those from 2507 (Bicester), 136 (Chipping Norton) and 1315 (Kidlington) Squadrons today (Saturday 21st January 2017) as they visited the Imperial War Museum, London.

Exploring the history of conflict in Britain and the Commonwealth since the First World War to the modern day, Cadets learnt a great deal from the wide range of exhibits available, including the horrors of the holocaust through to the essential work of Britain’s security services, communications services and ‘secret soldiers’ of the SAS, SBS and the now retired Special Operations Executive (SOE).

“I found the holocaust exhibition incredibly moving; the experience of those condemned by Nazi idealism was truly harrowing. Not only was it a fascinating day, it opened my eyes to the socio-economic, technological and medical advances that are now so inter-linked with conflict”.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Amelia Salt, 2507 (Bicester) Squadron

“The visit was fascinating and the trip today has opened the eyes of both cadets and staff alike to the horrors of modern day conflicts”.

Flying Officer Alistair Young, 2120 (Witney) Squadron

The trip, planned by 2120 (Witney), is the first in a series of cultural visits for 2017 exploring the roles and advancements of the modern military and its associated services.

If you’d like to join us and participate in the trips as a Cadet or volunteer later in 2017, please contact us for more information.

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