First Aid Commendation

First Aid training is a key part of Air Cadet life, with the delivery of the British Heart Foundation Heartstart Award and St John Ambulance Youth First Aid Award provided to all new cadets within their first 6 months on Squadron.

Afternoon of Wednesday 14th December 2016, Cadet Corporal Luke Norris (17) found himself as the initial first aider on scene of an incident which occurred on Witney high street.

Corporal Norris came to the assistance of an elderly gentleman who was experiencing a medical emergency and in a life threatening condition requiring professional medical support. Corporal Norris, drawing on the training he had received as an Air Cadet, adminstered emergency first aid while he waited for the Paramedic support, and remained with the gentleman until he was taken to the local Accident and Emergency department at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford by South Central Ambulance. Sadly, the elderly gentleman did not survive his medical emergency, but would have suffered far more had it not been for the quick thinking and skills of Corporal Norris and the paramedics.

In recognition of his first aid skill, community spirit and selfless attitude, Corporal Norris received a Squadron Commander’s Commendation from OC 2120 on Friday 20th January 2017. This is the first Squadron Commanders’ Commendation to be presented in 2 years such is the stringency of the criteria in which they are awarded.

“I am delighted to present Corporal Norris with this Commendation for his administration of first aid. It is truly heartwarming to know that the skills we equip the Cadets with here can make a real difference to the wider community, and I am incredibly proud of Corporal Norris for his actions. Whilst we hope that the first aid skills will never be needed, it is encouraging to know that on those rare occasions they are, we have young citizens prepared and capable. This commendation is wholly deserved and merited; Corporal Norris is a credit to this Squadron, the Corps and his family”.

Flight Lieutenant Michael Caffrey

First Aid is just one small part of the Air Cadet syllabus and is provided absolutely free to all members. For more information on Cadet life or to enquire about potentially joining us, please contact us.

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