On this page you will find various unclassified documents to assist you. They include publications, policies and forms that are used on a regular basis.

If there are documents on here you would like to see in the future, please contact us and we will of course consider your request.

TG Form RAF 3822A V3 – Cadet Consent to Join the ATC
(To be completed by parent or guardian)

TG Form 21 – Cadet Activities Consent Form

TG Form 22 – Staff Activity and NOK Declaration

TG Form 23 V6 – Medical Declaration Form

RAFAC AV Med Form 1 (Paper)
(Please print and then complete)

RAFAC AV Med Form 1 (Electronic)
(Please complete on your computer and THEN print)

NCO Application – For Cadets of 2120 wishing to apply for promotion

Duty NCO Checksheet – To be completed by the Duty SNCO on each parade evening

September 2019 V1.2 – Published 5th September 2019

October 2019 V1.0 – Published 16th September 2019

November Program V1.1 Published 21tst September 2019

Squadron Calendar 2019 V3.0– Annual Squadron calendar providing a high level overview

Squadron Calendar 2020 V1.0 – Annual Squadron calendar providing a high level overview of known events

ACP 1 –Core Values and Ethos of the Air Training Corps

ACP 2 – A Guide to Cultural and Religious Diversity

ACP 4 V10 – Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Vulnerable Young Adults

ACP 5 – Health, Safety and the Environment

ACP 29 – Disability, Diversity and Learning Difficulties Guide

AP 1358C V3.0 – Uniform Dress and Appearance Regulations for the Air Cadet Organisation

AP818 – RAF Manual for Drill and Ceremonial – Introduction

AP818 – RAF Manual for Drill and Ceremonial – Part 1, Drill

AP818 – RAF Manual for Drill and Ceremonial – Part 2, Ceremonial

AP818 – RAF Manual for Drill and Ceremonial – Part 3, Public Duties

Exam Leave Agreement – Exam and Study Leave Agreement, available to all Cadets of 2120 Squadron to enter into

Read the latest editions of Air Cadet magazine by downloading here. Alternatively, take a look at the Official Air Training Corps website.

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Spring 2018

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Winter 2016

DofE Enrolment Form – To be completed for enrolment to the scheme

Sqn DofE Route Card – Excel spreadsheet, useful for checking your route timings are accurate

Download or use these cards (reproduced from your participant pack) to assist your chosen assessors.

DofE Bronze Assessor Cards

DofE Silver Assessor Cards

DofE Gold Assessor Cards

At the end of the section or award, why not show your assessors, leaders and supervisors how grateful you are for their support by sending them a thank you card or letter?