Child Protection

Child Protection (and that of vulnerable adults) is crucial to the ongoing safety of young people and the reputation of the organisation and Squadron. In addition to safety in activities (covered in Health and Safety), there is a zero tolerance on all forms of bullying, including cyber bullying.

Although not necessary, many of our staff have cadet or service experience. Regardless of background all staff have to be vetted before they are allowed to have unsupervised access with cadets. Vetting includes checks with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) as well as internal security checks. Staff also have training including child safety. In addition to the security checks staff running activities are suitably qualified and trained in the activity they are involved in. Only through suitable cleared and qualified staff do we run activities.

Should you require further details on the Air Cadet Organisation’s child protection policy please view the guides via the below links.
ACP 4 Chapter 4 Child Protection Guide Booklet
ACP 4 Chapter 4 Annex A – Cadets First – Yellow Card

If you have any queries or concerns on child safety you wish to discuss you may wish to contact the Squadron Commander or alternatively the Wing Child Protection Advisor, Squadron Leader M Travena RAFVR(T), can be reached via Wing Headquarters.
Advice for Parents, Staff and Cadets
We always endeavour to look at the very best and most up to date practice with regard to Child protection. Where we see good practice we will let you know about it.