All cadets wear the uniform of our parent organisation, the Royal Air Force. We therefore have high standards of both uniform care and personal grooming, and these inspire a sense of belonging and unity.

Cadets are issued their blue uniforms on a loan basis, minus the footwear which must be purchased. Our combat uniforms (again minus footwear) can also be loaned subject to availability, but we have no entitlement to this from the RAF, so some Cadets and families choose to purchase their own set. We can recommend reputable and reasonably priced suppliers.

No.2 Dress (Male Cadets)
No.2 Dress (Female Cadets)
No.3 Dress (Male and Female Cadets), CS95 or MTP-PCS

There are lots of uniform care tips available on YouTube and on Cadet Portal (accessible by Air Cadets only). The dress regulations on how to correctly wear our uniforms can be found in AP1358C which is also published on Cadet Portal, though full instruction is provided during recruit training.