2120 Squadron

2120 (Witney) Squadron is part of South West Region, Thames Valley Wing. There are a total of twenty six Squadrons in our Wing, covering the counties of Oxfordshire and Berkshire, and these range from Banbury to Slough.


Cadets wear the uniform of our parent organisation, the Royal Air Force. We have high standards of both uniform care and personal grooming, inspiring a sense of belonging and unity.

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Not every cadet will be promoted to Corporal and beyond, but all cadets are able to progress through the training syllabus and attain various levels of cadet classification.

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Every cadet will work their way through classification training. It is not the same, however, with the Cadet rank structure.

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There is a huge range of activities available at 2120 (Witney) Squadron, and we hope that the images and text shown here give you a great idea of what it is like to be a Cadet or volunteer.

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