It’s 2017 and we are back!

Cadets of 2120 (Witney) Squadron returned this evening, Tuesday, 3rd January 2017, following their Christmas stand-down, and in keeping with our values of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, the evening began with some ‘mince-pie-proof’ circuit training and team sports.

Leading the session, Cadet Warrant Officer Aaron Gibson, a fitness instructor at the Windrush Leisure Centre and pursuing a career in health and wellness instruction, said afterwards:

“All the Cadets have worked really hard this evening. This circuit was designed to be a high intensity cardio session aimed at burning unnecessary calories and building core strength. It’s fundamental that we start the year as we mean to go, and it’s incredibly important to have the active and healthy lifestyle even now, as teenagers”.

Pictured below are the Cadets cooling down after the circuit session.


OC 2120, Flight Lieutenant Michael Caffrey, was impressed with the training and added:

“In echoing the CWOs comments, it is important we provide the best start in adult life and compliment the school fitness training. We hope that every Cadet will pursue a healthy lifestyle and will take some valuable lessons from all the sessions we provide on Squadron”.

Sport and fitness is just one aspect of Air Cadet life; for more information about life as a Cadet, please click on the About tab or contact us for a taster session.

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